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  • 1000 and 1 Realities
    Animated movies created by children‘s drawings and a website, which will try to bring the results to the public. > more
  • Arab Youth Parliament
    Parliament simulations operated by young people in the joint sessions through an experimental methodology. > more
    Physical archives in three continents and an online platform for dissemination. > more
  • Artivists 4 Change
    The online database, a transnational network of Artivists, training course modules, new forms of artistic expression, development of partnerships between individuals and organizations. > more
  • Bubble it
    Comic books & workshops > more
  • CIN Webstreaming Radio
    Online streaming > more
  • CINstitution
    Online platform where bibliographies, tips for fundraising, successful how-to’s and other advice is gathered and made available. > more
  • Citizenship Academy
    Online and hands-on workshops > more
  • Community Design Home
    Open art spaces in socially-disadvantaged neighborhoods. > more
  • Cultures Connect
    Web-based platform that creates journeys through world cultures and facilitates the process of documentation. > more
  • Demystifying Prejudice
    Journalistic tandem teams, capacity building workshops, short videos. > more
  • Displaced Stories
    Empowering children via artistic activities in refugee camps > more
  • Equal for Equal
    Virtual social media campaign. > more
  • Equal in the Streets
    Workshops and theatre performances in the streets. > more
  • Fold Your Rights
    Origami shows, train-the-trainer units > more
  • Home Sickness and Hope for Syria
    Supporting some Syrian artists through microfunding > more
  • I fold I learn
  • Infiltri
    Web archive, Articles, essays and interviews about street art, creating a forum. > more
  • Interactive Diaries
    Online platform and jointly-created art pieces, exhibitions. > more
  • MED_Plug
    Online platform and workshops. > more
  • Micro-Funding
    Workshops. > more
  • My Life
    Postcards with the real life stories of the refugees, migrants and internally displaced people > more
  • Packed Stories
    Cultural and social value of the food production > more
  • Preserving Culture Using Theatre
    Theatre performances, videos > more
  • Reel Child
    Workshops, media content created by children and youth > more
  • Refushi
    Phone application that supports refugees in the country of arrival > more
  • Reshaping Landscape
    Network of experts from different backgrounds. > more
  • RISHA Project
    Website based on news and interviews, festivals. > more
  • Spatial Revival
    Workshops > more
  • The Dome Project
    Online platform > more
  • Trans-cultural Dialogues
    Traveling biennial to be held in different cities in the region > more
  • Transit Thaqafa
    Creating an artist mobility program that invites artists to present their cultures to the kids with fewer opportunities in Palestine. > more
  • True or False
    Workshops, photography exhibitions > more
  • Understanding Our Rights
    Workshops > more
  • Voice for Peace
    Training and workshops > more
  • West Balkans Cultural Antenna
    Workshops > more
  • YouChange
    Short documentaries > more