Who we are

Cultural Innovators Network is a cross-sectoral and cross-cultural network of cultural workers from countries north and south of the Mediterranean. CIN members are artists, cultural managers, civil society professionals, activists who are seismographs of the situation in societies, and they are motors and incubators of transformation. Through participatory practices and a horizontal organisational approach, CIN bridges people and ideas, provides an open space for collaboration and promotes mechanisms of democratic, inclusive discourse, exchange of working experiences, embracing of innovative approaches, and mutual learning and enrichment.

CIN is built upon a self-organised and open space model. Participation in the ideation, decision making, and implementation phases is crucial to create a collective intelligence and enhance a mutual learning process. Through an elected Steering Committee and flexible Working Groups, CIN ensures its self-running celebrating and engaging ideas, need, and concerns of each of its members.


CIN members come from very different cultural, religious, professional environments, this ensuring the ability of the Network to approach changes from different points of view and find always multiple, experimental solutions. Living daily with uncertainty, instability, insecurity, CIN members challenge the idea of univocal solutions to societal issues, trying instead to deal with a complex environment experimenting and adopting multiple concrete solutions. The possibility to do that in an open, democratic, and participatory environment, together with other peers who are moved by similar motivations is exactly what CIN offers to its members.


The collaboration between cutting-edge cultural workers challenges the normalised ways of thinking and doing. In this sense CIN is collective and disruptive, with its members using cultural co-production to engage with and provoke social transformation in their communities and the region as a whole.


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