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Story of CIN

The Mediterranean region is in motion and projects, initiatives and ideas developed by youth are a very important part of this transformation. Whether they are out in the streets or working behind closed doors, young people are active through political and cultural means and are working locally, regionally and internationally. They are united by a common desire to get involved and fight to create a better future for their communities, countries and the world at large. 

Establishing a cross-sectoral network of young activists from countries north and south of the Mediterranean which promotes mechanisms of democratic, inclusive discourse, exchange of working experiences, acceptance of innovative approaches, and mutual consultation and cooperation, CIN asks questions about the future of our societies. How can we reorganize our social order? How can we express our demands artistically? How can we generate more participation?

This unique personality of the network was created through the Learning Journeys and the first Forum of over 100 participants in Istanbul at the end of 2012. A group of twenty young, socially involved and motivated people were the core of the CIN-project. During the three Learning Journeys to Egypt, Italy and Germany in June - July 2012, they visited a variety of successful citizen-led initiatives and they united their ideas in a network. The main objectives of the Learning Journeys were to found the status quo, to map the innovative reactions and developments across regions, and to exchange good practices between the participants and their organizations. Their impressions and experiences were the basis for the first Cultural Innovators Network Forum.

This first Forum in Istanbul led to over 20 pilot projects which were realized across the Euro-Mediterranean region and constitute the backbone of CIN and which were a kind of incubation for the further creative moments, events, and the structure of CIN that you can see in detail on the “calendar” page.

All this was initiated and supported by the strong relations and infrastructure of the Goethe-Institut and the Transformation Projects initiative of the Federal German Foreign Office. The young CINers offer solutions, encourage alternatives and advocate change in times of political and economic crises. These actions epitomize the spirit of the Cultural Innovators Network.