What we do

Cultural Innovators Network is a cross-sectoral and cross-cultural network of cultural workers from countries north and south of the Mediterranean. CIN members are artists, cultural managers, civil society professionals, activists who are seismographs of the situation in societies, and they are motors and incubators of transformation. Through participatory practices and a horizontal organisational approach, CIN bridges people and ideas, provides an open space for collaboration and promotes mechanisms of democratic, inclusive discourse, exchange of working experiences, embracing of innovative approaches, and mutual learning and enrichment.


One of CIN tool for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary collaboration is the ideas incubator, face-to-face or online opportunities for CIN members to create collaborative projects and get help in the seed funding and development of their project. Today, more than 40 projects in around 30 countries have been created.

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CIDs are CIN way to celebrate innovation locally. A series of events around different countries where CIN members meet local initiatives, share CIN spirit and best practices, and showcase cultural innovation at a local level.


In 2012 group of twenty young, socially involved people were part of three Learning Journeys to Egypt, Italy and Germany, visiting a variety of successful citizen-led initiatives, mapping the innovative reactions and developments across the regions, and exchange good practices between the participants and their organisations. That was the start of CIN and from that moment, peer exchange has been the main focus of the Network with both online and physical opportunities to learn from each other and create projects together.