June 29, 2020

CIN TALKS | Monumental changes

An online discussion on statues and narratives.

Over the past few weeks, many statues of problematic figures have been damaged, removed or destroyed. Many of these statues stand as symbols of historical practices, periods, regimes and individuals that we’d like to forget or condemn, taking away their privileged place in public space and importance.

However, is toppling them the best approach? Public monuments most often than not follow the political and national ideologies of their times, and therefore get to be erected or removed. Should they be re-contextualized by deconstructing their national hero/sacred/mythical status? Should we open up the critical perspective that could talk about racism, colonialism, etc. and, instead of destroying them, to put them in museums and other institutions? Could we “complete” a monument via contemporary arts and place it in a better, more actual context? Would that be even possible?

Here the recording of the talk



#CINtalks are informal talks organised by Cultural Innovators Network’s members open to everyone. Every episode, new guests from different sides of the Mediterranean will share practices and perspectives around a relevant culture-related issue.