What we are is a blend of multiple identities-diversity lives inside us other than inside the ‘other.

Martha Bouziouri

Only if there is freedom of expression, political participation and liberty, we will breath true democracy.

Adil Ourabai

Dreams are essential, if we didn’t dare to dream, the CIN would not exist.

Mohammad Ayoub

We need a new political culture of solidarity. The most important first step is that people from different backgrounds meet. They will find their differences, but most of althea will discover the things they have in common.

Azra Causevic

Who we are

Cultural Innovators Network is a cross-sectoral and cross-cultural network of cultural workers from countries north and south of the Mediterranean. Discover more


More than 140 members from over 30 countries. From the non-profit sector to social entrepreneurship, from art to academia, from law to journalism. The strength of CIN is its diversity and the cross-sectoral collaboration.
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Peer-to-peer learning and exchange; incubator of ideas and space of co-production; art, diversity, culture. This and more is part of CIN life.

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